Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are a popular choice for enhancing a room's overall decor. Rugs can add warmth and style to an otherwise drab space in your home. Plus, an area rug can be used as a functional piece of design that can give some lift to your room. Area rugs also comes in a wide array of colors and styles to suit your personal decorating taste as well as your budget.

Rug Cleaning Methods

Area rugs if not well maintained and kept clean will naturally accumulate fine dust, and dirt just like any other possession in your home. To combat this scenario, sometimes, people resort to washing their own rugs at home.

One thing that this process overlooks however is the fact that if the dust and dirt lodged beneath the rug's fibers are not removed properly before water or some moisture is introduced, it will result to a cakey or mud-like ensemble trapped in the rug's fibers.

Preserving Your Area Rug

This most certainly will be a pre-cursor to the rug's premature aging and possible damage in the long run. Preventing this from happening is why it's best to call and have a suitable service provider do the area rug cleaning for you.

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At Carpet Cleaning Denver we have our own rug cleaning and washing plant. We not only will perform deep-dusting on your rugs and make it as clean as it can be, but we will also remedy any other problems your area rugs might have such as stains, urine odor, color-running and also sort any foundation weakness brought forth by moisture.

We also offer other services that can help prolong your rug's life and protect it from immediate deterioration. Call us now to 303-495-3282 and see how we can help you solve your rug cleaning dilemmas.

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