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If you want to keep your carpets looking new, you need to have them professionally cleaned yearly by Carpet cleaning Boulder. We have the experience and the equipment to handle any carpeting concerns you may have. From a complete carpet steam cleaning service to a more specialized area rug cleaning, Carpet cleaning Boulder can do it all quickly at a very reasonable price.

The Benefits of Periodic Vacuuming

Good carpet care involves a regular vacuuming to remove the surface dirt and oils from your carpet. For a normal sized family this should be done a few times a week and even more if you have had guests in the house. While this is a great way to keep most of the dirt that enters your house from damaging your carpet, you can't remove all the dirt with simple vacuuming. The reason for this is that dirt is deposited on the top of your carpet from dirty shoes or other sources and will quickly work its way down into the carpet fibers. This is also true for pollen and other allergens. Even though you may vacuum this carpet daily, your vacuum can only reach the dirt at the surface and can't get to all of the dirt that is deeper down in the fibers.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

While regular vacuuming may improve the look of the carpet by removing the dirt you see, it's this deep-set dirt that can really do the most damage to your carpet over time. This is because this dirt will slowly wear the fibers loose at their base and they will be vacuumed out with your regular cleaning and over time will start to wear down your carpet.

Having your carpets steam cleaned at least once a year by Carpet cleaning Boulder will remove the dirt that is deeper down in your carpet fibers and protect your investment. While you are having this carpet steam cleaning done, be sure to ask about our carpet stain removal service for any problem areas you may have that need to be addressed and about our steam upholstery cleaning. This steam cleaning is a quick and easy way to protect your carpets from damage and will also make them easier for you to keep clean as well.

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